HyperspaceExplorer 0.7.1


Hyperspace Explorer is a program that lets you visualize four-dimensional objects and mathematical functions.

Just as you can define objects in three-dimensional space, you can define objects with four dimensions. And just as three-dimensional objects can be projected onto a plane, four-dimensional objects can be projected into three-space.

This program uses this approach to acquaint you with a couple of four-dimensional objects. Four-dimensional objects are projected to three dimensions, and then displayed on the computer monitor (after a further projection to two dimensions).

Every object thus is viewed from a viewpoint in four dimensions, as well as a viewpoint in three dimensions. That leaves freedom for plenty of viewing transformations. You can translate and rotate what is displayed in three and four dimensions, to get a better feeling for the objects and for four-space manipulations.

This web site displays the API documentation generated by the doxygen documentation generation tool. For the project's home page, including downloads, visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/hyperspace-expl . For help on using the program, see the User Documentation.

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